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A helpdesk platform integrated with TFS / VSO

We at OneDesk offer an all-in-one cloud based application that handles project management, product management and helpdesk or customer feedback. This application offers a variety of possible integrations with various other applications and programs.

Today, we will discuss the benefits of integrating TFS/VSO (Team Foundation Services and Visual Studio Online) with OneDesk.

Pre-requisites for this little tutorial :

  • A OneDesk account (even the free trial works)
  • Your TFS / VSO account
  • A Zapier account

What is Zapier:

Zapier is an online automation tool, it allows you to connect various apps together through a simple process.

The system works like this: if an event happens in platform “A”, then take another action in platform “B”. Simple eh?

These automations are called Zaps.

You can extend them as you need, through multiple platforms, and create simple series of automated processes.

We use this to bridge the gap between OneDesk and hundreds of web applications (some that you may you make use of).

What is OneDesk:

OneDesk is used to handle product management and customer support ticketing in the same platform.

As a centralized helpdesk platform, it includes a customer portal, delivering email-integrated support-ticket software and a place for customers to vote and participate in your plans. OneDesk also offers a mobile application that grants the ability to log work times and deal with specific tasks even when away from your desk.

It is also a centralized product management platform that enables road-mapping, managing and tackling ideas, checking requirements on tasks, and structuring releases and products.

OneDesk handles all things ranging from support tickets & ideas to requirements, features & tasks. This versatility can therefore be used to create various types of business workflows.

This application ensures a simple and unified interface for all of your departments and teams. That way they can work together and be more efficient for it!

OneDesk also offers a variety of tools and features that complement any workplace or business style. Things like the customer portal, the work timer, prepackaged reporting options, and complex stackable filters make OneDesk a very customizable and valuable platform for any business.

OneDesk also allows for useful navigation and viewing options like a traditional tiered parent directory, a timeline, or a cards view.

what you could do with OneDesk:

I’ve already explained how Zapier’s Zaps function in “a trigger causes an action” format (much in the same manner as IFTTT does).

For example anytime you create a work item in TFS / VSO, it can create an item in OneDesk and, consequently, subsequent updates in either platform will then update its counterpart.

This formula functions in this manner : new work item in TFS / VSO (Trigger) leads to the creation of an item in OneDesk (Action).

And would work much the same way in reverse, as such : a new support ticket in OneDesk becomes a bug (Trigger), which leads to the creation of a work item in TFS / VSO (Action).


Other examples of workflows include:

“Feature” in OneDesk is approved   ====>   new epic is created in TFS/VSO

Status of Epic is updated in TFS/VSO  ====>   status of “Feature” is updated in OneDesk.

(note: any types of work item can be synced, and many other properties can be synced as well.)

Simple actions like this can be used to create, update, and notify the required personnel of the new work item and its development.

You can also keep comments synchronized on both platforms. You could even send automated team room messages in response to a specific event.

It’s really up to you what you need to happen and how it should be done!

More information:

Check out this page for more information on how to connect to TFS / VSO using OneDesk. Or, search for the quick how-to guide on our in-application help menu. You could also just book a demo with us!

Photo Credit: Michael Hicks / CC BY

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