OneDesk's Helpdesk Software

OneDesk's help desk software allows you to easily support your customers & end-users. Capture, respond-to, and manage customer support tickets, emails, service-requests, projects, and other customer interactions.

Help Desk & Ticketing Software

Full-featured ticketing system helps you provide stellar customer service and support.

Email integration

Capture tickets and discussions by email. Automatically capture and thread responses. Get notified of new comments or updates.

Customer web portal

Easily deploy a client portal to engage with your customers on your website. Let them report, track and discuss their issues.


Add a knowledge base or self-service portal to improve the customer experience by allowing your customers to help themselves.

Live Chat

Chat with your customers on your website, and capture tickets with a click. Follow up by email if they go offline.

Automate everything

Auto-responses. Automatic grooming, routing, assignment, and property updates. Custom notifications, fields types and more.

Help Desk Software

Provide superior customer support. OneDesk’s powerful helpdesk software lets you capture support tickets, assign them, and respond to them from one centralized place. Discuss and quickly resolve tickets with your team. Simultaneously hold private internal conversations and separate client-facing discussions on the same ticket.

helpdesk ticket features

Email capturing and responding

Capture and respond to customer emails directly from your OneDesk account. Set up takes only a couple of minutes – just forward your incoming support emails to: tickets@(YourOrganization)

OneDesk will create a new ticket from the email, capture attachments, and create a new customer record if necessary. When you reply to the ticket inside OneDesk, the customer will get your response by email. You can even customize it so that the email appears to come directly from you.

With OneDesk’s customer email management features you simplify and automate your email ticketing flow, allowing your team to focus on what matters – solving customer issues and answering questions. Learn more about how OneDesk makes managing email easier.

Helpdesk Email Integration software

Customer Support Portal

OneDesk includes a web-portal designed especially for your customers. Put this portal on your website to provide your customers a place to submit tickets, track them, and discuss them with you. Let customers find the answers to common questions by publishing previously resolved issues and conversations.

You can easily change the appearance, features, behavior, and customer-permissions for your portal by changing a few options in the administration panel.

helpdesk customer portal

Automate your workflow

OneDesk allows you to automate your workflow as well as any repetitive tasks:

  • Auto-respond to new tickets
  • Auto-classify new tickets, based on sender, keywords, priority…
  • Automatically assign and notify agents of new tickets
  • Notify customers when the ticket status changes
  • Update the ticket status based on who responded last
  • much more…
automate your helpdesk workflow

Flexible Customer Interaction Management

Not all customer interactions can be resolved with a back-and-forth response workflow. Sometimes the customer has discovered a new issue, or has a good idea, or is requesting a new project, service or feature.

OneDesk allows you to create different workflows for the different types of requests you receive. Push some tickets into the “issue” workflow, others to the “service-request” workflow, or “feedback” workflow. OneDesk is flexible that way.

helpdesk - different types of tickets

Tightly Integrated Live Chat

OneDesk includes a built-in live chat app that is tightly integrated with the ticketing flow. You can put the messenger app on your website or intranet to allow your customers to chat with you in real-time. When new chats arrive, you get notified and can respond live.

  • Create new tickets from chats with one click.
  • Customers can log in to see and continue their previous conversations.
  • Unseen responses go out by email, and emailed replies are added to the conversation. Nothing is missed.
  • OneDesk Live Chat with Customers

    Full-Featured Project Management

    One of the big differentiators of OneDesk is that it combines HelpDesk with Project Management. You can involve your customers with your projects to the extent you need and permit.

    • Let customers submit new tasks or service requests by email.
    • Expose project tasks or requirements on the customer portal for customer review.
    • Provide a central place for customers to track and discuss ongoing projects
    • Track the work for customer tickets and tasks in one place.
    helpdesk ticket grouping

    Powerful filtering, grouping, and views

    Filter, sort and group your tickets the way you want and save that as a new view. You can also export it with a click.

    • See tickets grouped by status, assignee, or customer.
    • Create filters for high priority unresolved tickets
    • Share views with your team or keep them private

    Dashboard & Reports

    A quick glance at the dashboard gives you real-time statistics about the status of your tickets, team performance and more. Export detailed reports about your feedback and support tickets in PDF or Excel formats.

    helpdesk dashboard and reports

    Download our OneDesk Mobile App

    Available for iOS and Android, the OneDesk mobile app lets your team access their OneDesk account while on the go. Let your agents access and work on their assigned tickets directly from their phone, whether they are at their desk or off-site.

    • Access their assignments.
    • Reply to and resolve tickets.
    • Submit timesheets to log work performed.
    • Follow and engage in discussions on items with customers and colleagues.
    Helpdesk mobile app

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