Collaborative work is a necessity in specific industries. Software development companies and tech-based solution providers are not exceptions. The average software development company pools together the skills, experience, and expertise of multiple developers, project managers, and systems designers to make up their development teams. Managing the inter-operation of such teams requires a mix of well-defined workflows, specialized management skills, and the right set of tools for the job. A Cash Automation Technology company approached the OneDesk Team in search of a cross-platform project and resource management tool with a ticketing system and shared storage capacity for their team.

Our client company is specialized in Cash Automation Services for other companies within its target market. They build cash recycler systems to manage money for banks and hotels of all sizes. The company consists of a team of expert software engineers, programmers, and project managers working together to identify and solve problems within these target institutions using cutting-edge software technology. Conventionally, our client’s company implements local servers in project development during the development and test phases. They also utilize other mainstream management tools for communication, support, and resource management. However, the complexity of using and maintaining multiple tools for related tasks within a team has proven to be inefficient, and the development platforms are quite rigid compared to the company’s needs and expectations. This prompted the need for a complete system that has all the required functionalities the company requires and integrates well with existing systems currently in use within the organization.

Project management on this scale, and the nature of the client’s work, is critically dependent on smooth teamwork and the capacity to optimize resources and meet deadlines. The right project management tool is a vital determinant of the company’s long-term success. OneDesk is equipped with a suite of tools designed to provide a smooth workflow as described in the case of our client company. An integrated ticketing system enables privileged users to create and submit customizable tickets about projects and tasks. A ticket can be created for virtually any issue that requires immediate attention and resolution. The team leader can create discussions in response to submitted tickets and even assign tasks based on the ticket if further action is required. OneDesk further simplifies responsibilities of project managers within the organization through its built-in workflow automation system. The system allows the manager to create automated and customizable responses to specific actions users perform on tickets. Managers can also moderate access to discussions using the private or public access modifiers to ensure only the designated team members can access the discussion.

OneDesk has project lifecycles built into tickets and tasks to help users keep track of the status that each work item or project is currently in. The current status of the project in the lifecycle can be modified on the go as the project status changes. Project lifecycle within OneDesk is completely configurable, and more stages can be created while existing stages can be modified or deleted all-together as needed. The platform also provides an effective time logging system which can be used by importing timesheets or using the built-in timer that simplifies project scheduling and activity tracking. The time logging and scheduling system also automate the project lifecycle. It automatically updates the current project status in the lifecycle as specified in the project schedule/plan.

The OneDesk mobile app improves and stabilizes organizational workflow. It enables the users to manage project timer remotely using their mobile devices while off-site. The OneDesk mobile App which is available on both Android and iOS platforms is automatically synchronized with the project timer on the main App. The manager can analyze submitted timesheets on their dashboard and they can either approve or reject logged timesheets, a feature critical in employee billing. In a click of a button, project managers can create, export, and download reports of logged timesheets for further analysis or payroll processing. Users can also receive notifications about tickets and tasks they are involved with through their OneDesk mobile app.

OneDesk simplifies resource management in the organization. It packs a collection of views of which each gives a clear overview or illustration of the resources allocation and the particular project within the system. The Gantt view, for example, is a useful tool in resource management tool that allows project managers to keep a closer eye on who works on what, and when. This tool among other views make a breeze of spotting duplicates in task assignment, and rescheduling tasks are even more comfortable with drag and drop enabled user interface. Additionally, OneDesk also makes it possible to compare the projected schedule against practical schedules. This gives the manager a better perspective when tracking time efficiencies and lapses where applicable. The view presents a side by side comparison of the task assigned to a user along with the allocated time against the time the user elapsed in getting the task done.

OneDesk implements a superior approach in the design of its levels and permissions system. User privileges are sorted into access levels, and they can be customized to match the client company’s operational requirements. Top-level administration has full right including the ability to enable and disable features within the system. Administrators/Managers can also create users and teams, and assign privileges on the system. Existing users can also be imported in CSV format, and users can be deactivated or reactivated. The platform also integrates readily with virtually all mainstream apps used within the client organization. Managers can easily import and export data into and from OneDesk. Integration with existing systems is also greatly simplified and can is accessible within the integration panel on the Admin App. OneDesk prioritizes efficiency in organizational workflow, and the intuitive design of the platform ensures that little to no technical expertise is required to operate and to manage the system.

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