How a Human Resource Consulting Company Uses OneDesk to Coordinate internal Operations and Support customers

The human resource is undoubtedly the most crucial element in the entrepreneurial process, so much so that a measure of how well a company manages its HR can be a crystal ball of its long-term viability. This is evident in the abrupt growth of the HR and recruitment services industry in recent times. Outsourced human resource management is a globally growing trend and quickly becoming the cross-industry standard, especially among medium to large sized businesses with enormous human resource needs.

HR consultancy firms develop and implement actionable systems to optimize the personnel process of their client companies. This helps businesses to drastically cut down on resources that would be otherwise spent on Human Resources Management (HRM). They enable businesses to focus solely on HR performance rather than details of the HR process.

To maneuver the complexities of the industry in a digital era, a growth-bound HR consultancy firm must implement a software-based process in managing its internal operations and the affairs of its client companies. Because of this, an HR consulting company approached the OneDesk team in search of a software platform that can productively manage their internal operations and keep track of the human resources elements of the businesses they serve.

Our new client operates on two grounds differentiated by the extent of the human resource management function they serve for a business – they either take on the entire HRM responsibility for the company or render on-demand human resource management services to the company in specific aspects. In general, they identify and eliminate non-value adding activities in the customer’s HR process and manage the customer’s personnel needs. But the challenge is keeping it all organized in one place, on a single platform that manages all company operations.

OneDesk as a versatile project management and helpdesk system streamlines the HR Company’s workflow, enabling them to keep a close eye on their internal operations while supporting their customers HR needs simultaneously, all within the OneDesk interface. The OneDesk system comprises of three (3) apps – the main app, customer app, and a mobile app, all interconnected in real-time. Using the OneDesk main app, our client HR consulting firm can easily communicate and manage conversations with businesses they serve and their employees using the OneDesk ticketing system. This feature allows them to create tickets relating to customer support or employee activities with file attachment capability. The HR agency can now manage submitted tickets within an inclusive main app interface, respond to user tickets, track employee activities, and assign tasks to their internal team based on these tickets. The manager can even create discussion threads within each ticket for smooth discussion about the ticket.

Having private discussions between the HR team members is also possible within the ticket widget. The setup plays a role in improving productivity since HR managers can engage customers and discuss with the team about the current ticket, within the same ticket interface. The HR manager retrieves information in a personal conversation while relaying results to customers or their personnel on the other end without the hassle of navigating through interfaces. The main app interface houses a series of tools tailored for efficient project management. For instance, managers can now track the amount of time assignees needed to complete designated tasks in contrast to the timeframe allocated for the task using the timesheet feature.

For a better perspective of resource management, a collection of views are made available in the main app, specifically to give managers different perspectives in analyzing resource. Each of these views gives a unique analysis of human resources in the organization and how they are being used. The calendar view, for instance, shows the planned versus actual timeline of activities for weeks and months, while the Status board shows lifecycle status for tickets and tasks. The status lifecycle is a critical ticketing tool. It aids managers, teams, and customers in tracking ticket and task status across the app. This is essential in avoiding task duplication and can help optimize HR organizational processes.

Another OneDesk feature that is well suited to improve HR workflow is the built-in reporting system. Managers can now generate reports on virtually any aspect of the organization’s activity on the fly. Creating reports such as a report of the internal team’s working hours becomes a breeze for the manager considering billing depends on work reports. Managers can easily generate a report of time logged by team members and staff, and then export the report in the appropriate format for billing and payment processing.

The OneDesk mobile app is another app on the OneDesk platform. The app allows managers, teams, and personnel to track, manage, and follow up on activities in the organization irrespective of their physical location. Staff can log timesheets and manage existing timers without necessarily standing next to a OneDesk-enabled computer in the office. The customer portal provides an intuitive interface for customers/businesses to create tickets, manage their tickets, and check the status of submitted tickets. A customer messenger tab also allows the customer to access a live chat with an agent in the HR consultancy’s team. The OneDesk system is fully customizable and modular enough to address the internal and customer support needs of the HR consulting firm. The OneDesk app also integrates perfectly with existing systems in the agency, making the transition a hitch-free workflow upgrade.

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