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Mortgage like other financial services involves meticulous bookkeeping and outreach. Mortgage CRM tools and Automated Mortgage Marketing and Management tools are disrupting the mortgage market. The accelerated rise in automation and digitization in the mortgage process has already become the norm for the progressive real estate and loan professionals operating in the mortgage market.
As veterans in mortgage processes, some organizations specialize in proffering solutions and techniques that optimize said processes. A typical example of such is OneDesk’s new client, a mortgage coaching company that trains professionals in the mortgage and equip them with cutting-edge automated mortgage marketing and management tool.

As a client-driven company, our new client deploys resources to customize its process automation tool for each client. This prompts correspondence between the company and mortgage professionals they train and a need for an effective project management tool. In search of an ideal platform, the new client found out about OneDesk as a viable alternative to in-house support and Project Management systems.
Our client was right, OneDesk is equipped with a suite of project management tools designed to provide a smooth workflow and helpdesk facility to help serve their customers as needed. The OneDesk platform comprises three applications – the main web app, mobile app (which is available on android and iOS), and the customer app. The mobile app has the same features as the main app while adding mobility to the mix. It allows users to create, view and assign tickets. They can also create timesheets.

OneDesk’s Customer app

OneDesk customer app can be integrated on the company’s website as a widget, or by inviting customers to access the web version of the customer portal. Our client can simply embed the widget in their website by pasting a OneDesk generated code snippet into their website’s source code, or by installing the OneDesk plugin if the website runs on WordPress. The customer app comprises of four tabs – the messenger tab customers can access and communicate with an agent live. The portal is where customers can view all the tickets they have submitted to the company. Portal also allows the user to open the tickets, view them, and view ticket status if allowed by the company. In addition to that, the OneDesk customer app also has a knowledgebase tab where the company can show users relevant and helpful information.

Ticketing System

OneDesk’s integrated ticketing system enables privileged customers to create and submit customizable tickets to the company. The fourth customer app tab allows customers to create new tickets and submit them to the company. A ticket can be created for virtually any issue that requires immediate attention and resolution such as bug reports, feature requests, or even requests for further customization.
The ticketing system has conversation threads, which allows internal team members or support agents to create conversations on tickets submitted by the customers. Agents and managers can moderate access to these discussions using the private or public access modifiers, just to ensure only the designated team members can access the private discussions on the ticket.

Ticketing has never been easier. With OneDesk, our new client can now receive tickets through several ways including sending tickets to the company by email, creating them on a designated customer dashboard, creating tickets from ongoing helpdesk conversations, importing tickets in a spreadsheet and other predefined formats, or by having an agent create the ticket manually. This flexibility will further encourage better client-company interactions.
Considering tickets are suited to more immediate actions that require little to no planning, OneDesk has the tool for actions that require more planning – OneDesk Tasks. OneDesk allows internal teams to convert tickets that are perceived as task-candidates into tasks in the click of a button. This gives the team access to the project management resources needed to map out the action, create schedules, and assign the task while monitoring its progress. When a ticket is converted to a task, the ticket is automatically removed from the ticket application, and placed in the task application. All ticket files and conversations are carried over to the task app without losing any information in the ticket-to-task conversion.

Within the task app, OneDesk has a timesheets app that allows managers and team members to track hours worked. This is achievable by starting a timer on the task app, importing existing timesheets in spreadsheet files, or by manually logging timesheets into the system, all within one interface.

Both the ticket and task apps have similar interfaces for concurrency. Some features are also common to both apps including setting priority, lifecycle status. However, the tasks app takes it a step further with advanced project management tools and agile point scheduling. Team Managers can easily set and change working mandates within the tasks app.

Project Level

OneDesk system’s main panel is the project panel. It gives a view of the company’s ongoing projects in a hierarchy. The panel organizes projects, tasks, and tickets in well-structured portfolio, folders, and sub-folders. The project panel similar to other views in the system is completely customizable. One desk has an assortment of project views, each providing a different perspective of ongoing activities. The dashboard view, for instance, shows different charts such as pie charts representing the workload, hours of work by signees, and priorities of the task among others. OneDesk also integrates other views such as Tree view, Gantt View, and Calendar view.


OneDesk prioritizes flexibility and it provides diverse avenues for clients to customize the app to suit their operational needs. The OneDesk main app has a company preferences section which allows the new client to make customizations easily. From logo to defining login time and localization settings, date format, time zone, and default settings, OneDesk provides all the flexibility the client can hope for.

Emailing System

OneDesk also integrates a customizable emailing system with delivery reporting and feedback. The company’s internal company can customize outreach emails and responses to taste while seeing the output the customers will get in real-time. OneDesk also integrates advanced emailing settings depending on the client’s needs and preferences.

OneDesk emailing flexibility doesn’t stop at customization, emails can be automated. OneDesk further simplifies the responsibilities of project managers within the organization through its built-in workflow automation system. The system allows the manager to create automated and customizable responses to specific actions users perform. The company can configure email settings to respond to certain events such as account creation with automated messages and emails. OneDesk also provides a comprehensive interface that allows the manager to view and manage all automation as needed.

In our client’s domain where new customers are recruited through active campaigns, OneDesk allows the company to register new customers in bulk by importing them in given formats. The company also has the choice of allowing users to register themselves by accessing a given link which can be embedded on the company’s website.

OneDesk is uniquely the platform that delivers functionality and flexibility without unnecessary complications. The platform affords the client absolute control over what each customer can see or do. Above all, OneDesk has a clear pricing structure that aligns with the client’s goals.

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