A human resources division is responsible for a wide range of essential activities, not limited to: recruitment, payroll, labour relations, and employee development. An effective human resources team is crucial to employee retention and satisfaction. All of these functions are a key factor in the success of an organization. The importance and complexities of HR management has led outsourcing the role to HR firms to become a growing industry. Outsourcing allows small and medium sized businesses to implement effective HR policies while focusing on performance.

Our client is a full-service HR firm, delivering a variety of services. The client may take on the entirety of a company’s human resources management, spanning the whole employee lifecycle, or as consultants on a company’s HR processes.

The main challenges our client expressed occurred when managing client requests. Requests were coming through various channels, without being centralized and organized effectively. The HR firm also emphasized the need to manage their teams’ productivity, and achieve transparent communication with their clients. 

Manage and organize customer requests

OneDesk allows our client to receive and create tickets flexibly, while easily maintaining organization and streamlining workflows. Requests sent by email to the HR firm are automatically captured by OneDesk as tickets. With the built-in automation tools, the tickets can be organized according to client or project, and assigned to a team member. This feature allows the firm to easily manage productivity and track the needs of each individual client. The firm’s clients can also submit tickets through the customer portal, an app provided by OneDesk which is easily embedded onto the HR firm’s website. Moreover, HR team members can follow up directly with clients and manage all tickets within the OneDesk interface. Team members can also manually create tickets, such as when a client contacts the business by phone or in-person. As always, these tickets are centralized to one location.

Streamline workflows and manage productivity

In addition, OneDesk can simplify workflow and productivity for HR managers. Some key tools to improve HR firm productivity include the ability to assign teams or individuals to tasks, which allows the manager to track or allocate where time is spent. Employees can also be assigned subtasks within a larger project in order to avoid redundancy and improve overall productivity. The different interface views and filter options available on OneDesk, such as the Gantt chart, calendar and analytics tab,  provide managers high level options to view data and better manage the priority or progress within their business. 

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