If you are seeking answers on how to adopt an agile method in your workplace, you have come to the right place. Agile methodologies are becoming increasingly popular within project and product management teams. Based on the notion that projects should not be worked on in an “assembly line” fashion, Agile methodologies reinforce collaboration, structure and optimize the ability to predict pitfalls before they happen.

Thus, more and more workplaces are starting to look into using Agile technologies in hope of promoting more productivity and efficiency.

How to adopt an Agile Method using OneDesk

Evidently, it can be hard to teach a team how to adopt an agile method. The good news? OneDesk can help to further simplify this transition:


1. Scrum it up!
Holding daily stand up meetings with your team, is a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page. After the stand up, stay in close collaboration with your team by using the discussion forums to stay updated on items and their progress.

2. Can you do the Kanban? The Kanban method allows teams to see what and when tasks need be tackled. Thus, being able to visualize your product work flows within your team’s process allows you to effectively communicate the status of your tasks, and provide a clear context for your overall development.
For instance from this image we can see that I currently only have one task open (hooray!) and three tasks in progress. I was able to quickly get this information by simply looking at my visual board.

3. Keep the project juices flowing: Go through the Backlog with your team and mark things as done. Use the Project’s Dashboard as a burndown chart. By viewing the dashboard, you will be able to see the tasks in the Project that have been completed, are in progress, or yet to be started.

How to Adopt an Agile Method: Business Benefits

There are several benefits of Agile worth mentioning here. For one, we know that agile methods can help to strenghten communication between employees, business partners and customers (we see it here everyday, at OneDesk). Regular, structured meetings are a staple of any agile methodoloy. As a result, this can help breathe a bit or organization back into an otherwise disconnected or disjointed process.

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