When you get new tickets, a customer starts a conversation, or a co-worker adds a comment to a task, you may need to be informed. Depending on your role in the company it may be important that you are informed immediately so the customer can receive a quick response.

OneDesk let’s you control these notifications so that you receive the notifications you want. You can find these settings on your user profile ( Users > You )

Has Permission to see conversations:

“In all projects” or “Only in your projects”
Your administrator may want you to be able to access all conversations regardless of the project they are in. This could be because you are responsible for answering all customer inquiries, even those attached to items in projects that are not shared with you.

Show “From Customers” in Messenger:

When this is checked you will see the “FROM CUSTOMERS” section in the messenger. This simply shows and hides this section and is not an access control or privilege. You will likely want this turned on if your job includes replying to conversations from customers, and off if it does not.

Alerts and emails for new messages not seen within 1-min

This section is where you specify which messages you care about. OneDesk notifies you about new messages by showing a green bubble, making a sound, and flashing the browser tab (if you are not already in that tab). You DO NOT get notified of your own messages and you WILL NOT be notified if you have already seen the message witin 1-minute. Please keep this in mind when testing.

From Customers:

Here you choose 1 of the 3 options to determine which customer messages you want to be notified about:
All customer messages
Choose this option when you want to be notified about all new customer messages and tickets.
Only from my conversations
Choose this if you only want to be informed of new customer messages on conversations you are following. You are considered following a conversation if you are a follower on the item it is attached to or if you participated in this conversation in the past.
No customer messages
Choose this if you don’t want to be notified of any new customer messages.

From Users & Bot

Here you can turn on or off notifications about messages from other users and the bot.
Followed Internal Messages
This allows you to be notified when a new message is made on a conversation you are following. Again, you are considered following a conversation if you are a follower on the item it is attached to or if you participated in this conversation in the past. It is very unlikely you will want this turned off.
Followed replies to customers
Turn this off if you are not interested in being notified about the replies your teammates make to customers. This will cut down the notifications you receive if someone else is taking care of a customer.

I hope this clarifies some of the small details of your notification preferences. Please let us know if you have questions.

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