Do you want to make sure that no tickets fall through the cracks? With OneDesk it is easy to auto-assign incoming tickets to ensure that every ticket is assigned to an agent. But the resolution process doesn’t stop there. You need to also ensure that the responses from assigned agents occur in a timely manner, even if they are out sick, on vacation, or simply miss something. And you don’t want to have to be continuously reviewing tickets to ensure nothing is overlooked.

OneDesk has a full-featured Service Level Agreements (SLA) feature built in to formalize ensuring timely responses. However, if you are looking for a quick way to be alerted to neglected tickets, a quick and simple automation will take care of that too.

Automating the reminder for overdue, or unresponded tickets

For those of you who are familiar with OneDesk’s automation feature, you know that with a little imagination it can do a wide variety of stuff. We are always improving it too, so just because it didn’t do something last month doesn’t mean that it can’t now. You can create automations in OneDesk under ‘Administration > Tickets > Workflow Automations’

The automation below re-assigns tickets that have not been touched for 24 hours. Let’s break it down:

Filters: (blue tags) This automation will apply to Tickets, who are not “Closed”, and have not been modified in the last 24 hours.
Trigger: (orange tag) This automation runs every hour, looking for tickets that meet this criteria.
Actions: (green tags) For each ticket found that meets this criteria the automation will re-assign to the ‘Management’ team. You could have a variety of other actions instead, including a reminder message to the assignee, an auto-response to the customer or a re-prioritization. You can even have multiple actions.

re-assign neglected tickets

So there you have it – a simple automation to make sure no ticket is neglected and nothing falls through the cracks. Do you have another situation that you would like to know if it can be automated? Ask us here in the comments, or in the live chat.

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