OneDesk includes a variety of Customer apps which you can put on your website to better serve your customers. These apps include live chat, ticket forms, knowledge base, and a client-facing ticket portal.

The easiest way to put them on your site is to embed the script found under Admin > Customer Apps inside the main application. This will place the OneDesk customer apps widget on your site, and you can then enable, configure and control the customer apps directly from your OneDesk account. However if you would like, you can also embed the customer apps using an iFrame.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame is HTML markup which allows you to embed one webpage inside of another. You define a rectangular space on your page where you would like the other web-page to appear, and you define the page that should be embedded. This is done using the iframe html tag.

Here is the HTML code to use

use an iframe to embed your client portal

You will need to replace the ‘yourURI’ with your own URI so that it embeds your own portal. You can find this in the welcome email we sent you when you signed up, or from the preview links in Administration >Customer Apps > Portal.

The dimensions highlighted in light blue represent to size of the iframe in pixels. You can change these to suit your needs.

Here’s how it will look on your website

After embedding it you will see something like this:

Tips and Toubleshooting

  • If you see “incorrect Url” on your page, then you will need to verify that your SRC URL is correct. Don’t forget the trailing slash after yourURI/.
  • To help you size it you may want to temporarily set frameborder to “1” so that you can see the outline better.
  • As the dimensions of your frame change, the contents will lay out differently to better suit those dimensions.

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