Whether you are developing a product or delivering a service, OneDesk puts you in control of your requirements. OneDesk’s requirements management application eases the requirements capturing, analysis and elaboration processes.

Requirements can be defined from feedback and ideas in a single click, and provides strategic collaboration tools for making sure your team can work efficiently to manage and prioritize requirements.

How to prioritize requirements with OneDesk

prioritize requirements

1. Go to the requirements management application.

2. Manually create requirements in the requirements application, or, create requirements from feedback.

3. Assign the requirements to a project, and to a team member to work on it.

4. Link requirements to organization strategies.


7. To prioritize requirements, go to the project you allocated your requirements to.

prioritize requirements

6. Go to the requirements analysis view.

7. Analyze your requirements based on what’s important to your company and make product decisions based on quantifiable, objective information rather than simply responding to the loudest voice.

OneDesk’s requirements analysis tools include:

prioritize requirements

1. Cost benefit analysis which allows you to balance off the costs of implementing a requirement with an estimate of the revenue that awaits you if you do. Focus on the most profitable requirements, top-line revenue, or highest return on invested dollar.

2. Customer satisfaction analysis, which calculates the number of customer requirements you are satisfying, weighted by their priority.

3. Organization strategies analysis, which allows you to drive value to enterprise initiatives, by giving you a visual image of which requirements are aligned with your business strategies and goals.

4. Popularity Analysis, which uses the results of the community voting to rank a requirement. Quickly discover the most popular idea, most controversial, etc.

5. A Global Score for each requirement delivers a rolled up ranking based on the relative weightings you assign to each of the 4 analyses.

Hopefully you have a better idea of how to prioritize requirements in OneDesk. We would be happy to answer any questions and hear your comments. simply leave them below, or email us at hello(at)onedesk(dot)com.

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