If you are wondering if you can host your OneDesk customer portal, or other customer app, on your own domain, the answer is YES. Here’s how it is done.

Create a CNAME Record

First you must have access to changing the CNAME records on your registrar. Each registrar is different, but here are some instructions for Domain.com, GoDaddy, and namecheap.

Next you must choose a sub-domain where you would like the portal to be hosted. For example, you might choose http://portal.yourdomain.com to host your OneDesk customer portal (“portal” is your sub-domain). Then on your registrar you must create a CNAME record which points your chosen subdomain to app.onedesk.com.

Once this is done, you must email us the following information:
1) your chosen sub-domain (eg. http://portal.yourdomain.com)
2) the link to the OneDesk portal you want to put there (see below on how to find this link).

Send this to hello@onedesk.com and once we receive it, we will complete the configuration on our side and let you know when it is done.


We can automatically obtain a free Let’s Encrypt certificate for your subdomain once the CNAME setting is correctly propagated in the DNS.

If, instead of ‘Let’s Encrypt’, you prefer to use your own SSL certificate, please provide the SSL certificate and the associated key file in PEM format to hello@onedesk.com

Please be aware that if you provide your own SSL certificate you are responsible for its renewal and will need to provide us the updated certificate at least 2 weeks before the expiration date.

Where to find your customer portal link

Your OneDesk account allows you to have multiple customer apps. This is useful, for example, if you want a “log-in” portal where each customer can only see their own tickets, but would also like a “knowledge base” where any of your customers can access published articles.

Therefore when you provide us with the link to the customer app you would like to put on your sub-domain, you need to specify which one. The easiest way is to send us the link. You can find it by going to Admin > (Your selected customer app) > Preview (link at the top of the page).

When you click the link this will open your customer app in a new browser tab. Check that it’s the right one, and then copy the link from your browser address bar. This link, along with your selected subdomain is what we need in order to complete our setup.

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