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Social media engagement means evolved customer service

Companies used to have full control over their products and services. They used to be able to decide what to develop next and what changes to make. Oftentimes, they used to need to guess what their customers wanted.

In the race to outperform their competitors, companies no longer have full control over their brands; what comes next for them depends on what customers want.

Keeping up with customer demands is not easy. Luckily, new technologies allow companies to reach customers quickly and find out what they want before their competitors do.

A good example of these technologies are social media monitoring applications. The idea of using these apps is that customers will talk to their friends and people in their online communities about what they need. They hold conversations about brands, recommend them to their peers and tell them what they don’t like about them. These tools allow companies to capture valuable information without needing to put too much effort in reaching out to customers through surveys, emails, and phone calls.

OneDesk’s unique social media monitoring tool

You can learn how to turn a comment you find on social media into an actionable item by watching this 30-second video.

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