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Recognizing the importance of proper innovation and ideas management

Innovation and ideas management consists of many continuous activities: Capturing, managing and incorporating product and service-related feedback, ideas management from all stakeholders, into the product and service development process. Establishing an effective ideation process helps organizations develop customer-centric products that stand out in the marketplace. Many cutting-edge companies have recognized the importance of proper innovation and ideas management and a result have reaped substantial benefits.

Connecting ideas management to the development process

In order to create more innovative products and services, organizations put innovation and ideas management strategies in place. However they often find that their efforts fail and find themselves left with unanswered questions. One of the reasons for this may be the lack of integration and “connectedness” between crucial business processes.

Some questions to consider:

  • Does your organization have a system in place to capture and respond to feedback from ALL channels (social web, email, phone, customer service, corporate portals, etc.)
  • How is feedback managed, and tied to the overall development process?


These questions may help to identify major gaps and deficiencies in your overall product and service innovation strategy. The solution is to incorporate the right set of tools that provide visibility and traceability during teh early ideation process, connects all workflow related activities and pushes out the right information right through to the final stages of production.

OneDesk: From ideas management to task management

OneDesk is a seamlessly integrated suite of technology tools that enable full traceability and visibility across the product and service development process. Its core integratons include: Social Media Monitoring, Customer Feedback Management, Innovation and Ideas Management, Help Desk, Requirements Managment and Project Task Management.

Find out more about how OneDesk can help jumpstart innovation within your organization.

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