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Stand out with the help of ideas software

Today’s leading companies all have one thing in common – they all realize that in order to bring the best products to market, they must find a way to stand out from their competitors. It’s a no brainer that in order to stand out, companies must offer something different. The challenge, however, is to know how to differentiate from others.

Many companies do not realize that the key to standing out against their competition is to not only produce a different, “innovative” product, but to produce one that they know their customers will want to buy. For this reason, ideas software are greatly beneficial to companies.

Today’s leading companies all have one thing in common: They incorporate their customers into the product development process with the help of technology or ideas software. In 2008, Starbuck’s launched their feedback suggestion site MyStarbucksIdea, where their customers could submit ideas, discuss them, and vote on them. Today, it is one of the most well-known examples of customer-driven innovation.

Companies like Ford and Dell have also been successful at gathering customer feedback online. Since customers are the ones who know your product best, their input is the key your business’ success. Providing a place online that customers from all around the world can easily access and submit feedback at anytime is a surefire way to solicit more feedback quickly and gain a better understanding of what the market wants.

OneDesk: Ideas software for your company’s website

ideas softwareAccording to web strategist Jeremiah Owyang (, “the future of corporate websites enable customers to submit, define, and vote for next-generation products in collaboration with product teams.”

OneDesk helps companies tap into customer-driven innovation and stand out against their competition. Using the logic of ideas software, comes with a customer feedback application that companies can embed into their website, or simply send customers a link to the application. Customers can then easily submit ideas to companies, who can retrieve them immediately. Unlike with the usual idea software, companies can use the built-in feedback and requirements managements tools to implement the ideas. Its social collaboration tools also allows customers to discuss and vote on ideas, and collaborate with company employees and partners around the world. If your company is thinking about using idea software, why not try OneDesk for free today?

We want to know: What strategies does your company use to stand out from the competition?

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