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What is ideation?

There are many definitions of this term swirling around the web and of course this may make it much harder to get a firm, fundamental grasp on the concept. Dorian Simpson, author of Ideation 101: Discovering new opportunities, serves up a very simple definition: “Ideation is the systematic search for targeted opportunities in the form of new features, new products, new markets, and new services”.

While many leading organizations (some that I have touched upon in past blog posts) such as Volvo, Threadless, Nivea, Starbucks, etc… have successfully utilized effective ideation methods to give direction to their product and service strategy and deliver more value to their customers, many companies still overlook or ignore this crucial phase- furthermore, they do not equip themselves with the right tool set to help facilitate the PDP.

facilitates the ideation stage of new product and service development

As organizations strive to meet changing market needs, and understanding continuously evolving consumer demands, more than ever it becomes imperative for companies to leverage the right technology to stay in the game.

helps companies effectively execute operations during this crucial stage of the NPDP process by allowing your customers, employees and partners to participate in the ideation process, and permits you to take immediate action by linking them to requirements and project management applications. Want to see in action? Click here now.

Join the discussion: What strategies does your company implement to help effectively manage the ideation process?

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