Innovating the ideation management process

The product creation process involves many interconnected ideation management activities—from discovering, to understanding and defining ideas and insight, through to turning new prototypes and ideas into sustainable and relevant product requirements. The question to consider is: With various communication and feedback channels available to customers, is it possible for companies to successfully reach their audience “where they live” and fluidly integrate their ideas into the product development and management process?

OneDesk for ideation management

lightbulbOneDesk features integrated ideation management and innovation tools that allow your customers, idea teams, and business partners to fully participate in the capturing, organizing and analyzing of insights and ideas throughout the course of the product ideation management process.

In addition, OneDesk allows your stakeholders to communicate their ideas directly to your organization through various channels, such as the social web (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.), but also through company feedback portals, online help desk services, and more traditional email methods. And we take this a step further by not only letting you listen but also engage with customers, business partners and employees through all of these channels and allow you to pipe that feedback directly into the product development process, in order to generate better ideas, and ultimately better aligned products with your customer and market.

Take advantage of OneDesk’s integrated ideation management tools – watch this video to learn more:

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