From ideation methods to execution strategies

OneDesk is a platform for product development, foregrounding the importance of customer feedback within ideation process and removing barriers to let information move seamlessly through the whole product development process. In short: The seamless integration of ideas into the product innovation process is something we dig.

ideation methodsCatherine has been an article-writing powerhouse of late, and is showing no signs of abating: Her latest tome Product Innovation and Seamless Integration of Ideas appeared today over at the Front End of Innovation blog. The article tackles how recent trends are stacking up against available ideation methods, the advantages of seamless data flow throughout the process and how best to structure the whole process around effective product development.

It’s a worthy five minutes of your time, so give it a read if you’ve got time for a quick think – and, as ever, we’d be delighted to hear your opinions, so get in touch!

We want to know: How do you effectively connect your ideation methods to the rest of the development process?

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