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The birth of the Critical Path Method

Time for a little history lesson!

Way back in 1957, a brilliant man by the name of Walker devised a project management strategy to address the complex task of scheduling the shutting down and restarting of chemical power plants. Given this was a rather challenging process, he developed the Critical Path Method (CPM), a step-by-step process planning system that outlines critical and non-critical tasks in an aim to prevent time-frame issues and project bottlenecks.

The Critical Path Method is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Predicts the time needed to successfully complete a particular project.
  • Displays and lays out projects graphically.
  • Depicts which activities are critical versus which are not.


Calculate the critical path method with the OneDesk Gantt Chart

The Critical Path Method is best used to manage complex projects that involve the simultaneous interaction of multiple activities. Today, the CPM has become a universal project tool, that has often been combined with Gantt charts.

With the Gantt chart, it’s easy to manage and track your projects and tasks. Here is a simple video that shows you how to use the Gantt Chart in OneDesk to calculate the Critical Path Method and more!

You can view more videos in our playlist.

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