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Adopting a bottom-up or worker-driven management style

One of the most common styles adopted in project management is the bottom-up (also known as “worker-driven”) approach. This means that all project decisions and directions are established by top level executives. The way that it would typically work is managers would provide basic direction, information, and outline plans. Then, these expectations are shared with all project team members. The bottom-up management approach centers on the notion that more freedom needs to be given to teams and the benefits are substantial; more efficient collaboration and the increased productivity of team members.

OneDesk’s project management application operates on a worker-driven approach. For instance, if your a manager, your colleagues can create a basic task outline and have other members of her team fill in more sub-tasks. In addition, she can also take a similar approach and assign these to her team members. The benefit here is that this approach distributes the planning workload and provides key project team members with much more accurate effort estimates.

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