Many industries use OneDesk's helpdesk and project management

OneDesk's software is used across a wide variety of industries, helping businesses deliver excellent customer service and manage their projects.

IT Services Companies

All the features IT Services Companies need to work on tasks and resolve end-user tickets – in One App.

Financial Services

Plan projects, deliver excellent client-services, and increase client satisfaction – using OneDesk.

Software Companies & Developers

Fix bugs, resolve customer tickets, and track new development tasks in one place. Centralize collaboration and make sure all work gets accounted for easily.

Professional Services & Consulting

Deliver professional services to your clients. Work on their tasks and support them while tracking both billable and non-billable hours.

Marketing and Public Relations Agencies

All the features agencies need to deliver professional services to their clients. Work on projects and offer comprehensive customer support while tracking all billable hours.

Design & Creative Services Agencies

Create and manage creative projects for your customers. Track all change requests, exchange files & documents and support clients in real-time.

Manufacturing and Product Design

Easy-to-use software for manufacturing and product companies that works for all departments. Streamline incoming requests, with auto-triage, auto-replies and routing to the correct stakeholders.

Managed Service Providers

Deliver managed services to your end-users – work on new projects and support existing ones. Service-level-agreements and easy time tracking ensure nothing is forgotten or and all time is accounted for.

Systems Integrators and Value Added Resellers

Capture customer requirements, develop projects for them, collaborate on solutions, track tickets & support time – all with one app.

Engineering Firms

Collaboratively plan projects with your clients, offer real-time customer support, exchange files and documents.

Educational and Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits have the same project management and customer support requirements and for-profits. However, special pricing for these organizations makes it even more affordable.

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