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Leading organizations understand that in order to drive value, they need to integrate new social technologies into their marketing plan. By doing so, they can make themselves accessible to online customers, anytime and anywhere.

Top 10 social tools for companies

According to HR Magazine, there are ten collaborative social tools companies should promote and leverage in the workplace:

1. Crowdsourcing

2. Enterprise social networks

3. Microblogging

4. Social performance management

5. Online groups / Communities of interest

6. Mobile applications

7. Online presentation sharing

8. New-generation video conferencing

9. Online task management

10. Social learning

How major brands are proactively using social tools

Consider this infographic by Wishpond that shows how top retail companies are successfully incorporating twitter into their social media engagement strategy:


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  1. Kelly

    The current situation in the global market forces many companies to change in order to maintain existing and acquire new competitive advantages. Every business needs a mobile application, opening which, the client interacts only with you – you have no one to compete with for his attention and money.

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