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Question: What is the difference between innovation and creativity?

innovation and creativityInnovation plays a huge role when it comes to building a stronger and more profitable business. However, many people confuse innovation with creativity. Before we go on, try to answer the question. Is your business being innovative, or simply creative?

The Harvard Business Review explains the difference well: “Innovation is not creativity. Creativity is about coming up with the big idea. Innovation is about executing the idea – converting the idea into a successful business.”

Innovation and creativity are both essential in the workplace. Creativity leads to innovation, and the most successful companies recognize that innovation is the most important aspects of a business. Innovation plays a vital role in product and service development and is the key to survival in the increasingly competitive corporate world as it increases their chances of providing a better customer experience and widening their customer base.

Encouraging creativity and innovation

Today’s most innovative businesses encourage their employees to come up with product ideas.
Google employees spend 30% of their time pursuing their own creative interests which has lead to the creation of Google Maps and Google Adsense; this has widened the Google phenomenon, strengthened their brand, and has innovated the way we use the web.

Businesses should also encourage their customers to give ideas. Customer-driven innovation is on the rise, and top-notch businesses like Apple, 3M and Starbucks have proven that this is effective. Starbucks’ infamous My Starbucks Idea website allows customers to connect with the company and submit their innovative ideas.

Take action on creative ideas with OneDesk

Many managers like to encourage team brainstorming within the office. Employees who are given the opportunity to provide feedback feel more valued, and therefore, are more productive. Since employees are the ones who work with customers, they may be able to provide fresh ideas. However, the downside of brainstorming sessions is that most often, once they are over, ideas brought to the table may just sit there.

OneDesk connects companies with employees, customers, and even business partners. Within OneDesk, brainstorming sessions can happen anywhere, and at anytime. Anyone can submit their creative ideas, and the whole team can collaborate on them using built-in collaboration tools. Discussion forums allow companies to start conversations and elaborate on ideas. Blogs allows team members to write articles and convince others why ideas should be implemented. Then, the ideas can be turned in to tasks, assigned, worked on, and implemented. Turn creative ideas into innovative ones today by trying OneDesk out for free.

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