Innovation and product development: Driving growth

For an organization to promote innovation throughout the product development process, they need to consider the following key factors to success:

1. Adopt a customer-centric approach
innovation and product developmentThe social customer is here to stay, and has a lot to say. As customers continue to interact with a variety of different products online, organizations must tap into this insight and these conversations to build better customer relationships, and ultimately develop products with customer needs in mind. Doing so, will increase the likelihood of developing better, more customer-centric innovations.

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2. Encourage interdepartmental collaboration
According to a recent study by Gartner, lack of interdepartmental communication in product development was cited as one of the main impediments to product innovation. These findings not only highlight the need for improved collaboration, but the need for the right social tools that will unify team members across the innovation and product development process.

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3. Leverage ideas from various channels
Sometimes, organizations are unable to uncover and harvest the best ideas. One of the reasons could be that they lack the tools to effectively, discover, manage and integrate ideas into the product development process. Today, New social technologies provide the potential for organizatiosn to capture ideas from a multitude of communication channels including the social web. This in turn encourages two-way dialogue and the sharing of knowledge between both internal and external stakeholders.

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Innovation and product development: Business benefits

Product innovation is still possible during these tough economic times. The ability for an organization to leverage the right social technologies into their innovation and product development process is crucial to sustainability. OneDesk increases the likelihood of successful product innovation and impacts the bottom-line:

  • Promote collaboration between all stakeholders: business partners, employees and customers.
  • Gain relevant insight into current market and industry trends.
  • Strengthen customer relationships and increase customer engagement.
  • Develop and deliver customer-centric products and services to market faster.
  • Drive product innovation across the organization


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