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innovation-bloggers Thomas Edison once said: “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” So, what happens when you lack the inspiration or the tools to bring great ideas to life? You turn to the experts, the ones who understand that innovation is a dynamic concept that involves many interconnected factors such as creativity, productivity, market insight and hey, sometimes, even a little luck.

Here are 3 great innovation bloggers that will help to inspire new ideas, and make you think differently about your current notions of innovation:

1. Richard Branson I’ll admit it. I can’t go a day without reading Richard Branson’s blog on Linkedin. Branson, perhaps more commonly known as the founder and active chairman of Virgin Group. He is a regular innovation blogger on Virgin.com, where he offers practical advice in many areas of business including innovation, sales, leadership, management, and human relations. His latest post, What The Tortoise Taught Us was particularly motivating and is definitely worth a read.

2. Idris Mootee
Idris Mootee is the CEO and strategic genius behind Idea Couture: A well-known experience design firm. He is also written several books, and the author of endless published articles. If that isn’t impressive enough, he is also a regular speaker at corporate events. It is clear from his articles and books that Idris views innovation as an ongoing creative process that needs to be continuously cultivated in order to affect change. As Idris once stated in a post for Innovation Management Magazine: “The Best Time to Innovate is all the Time”.

3. 99U – Insights on Making Ideas Happen
This site features a group of innovation bloggers who write about everything from idea generation to workplace motivation techniques. Whether you are looking to hone your innovative skills, understand innovation dynamics at the office, or simply looking for that spark of inspiration, you are guaranteed to find insightful content on the 99U blog. Tip: Check out the videos section for innovation case studies and stories.

Here is a nice quote to keep in mind: “We learn that innovation comes from a variety of sources, and in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s looking up the clouds and dreaming big. And, sometimes it’s just looking at something everyday in a slightly new way.” (Source: www.sourcesofinsight.com)

Innovation is a collective process that cannot be accomplished alone. So share your ideas with us: Who are some of your favourite innovation bloggers? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below and we will add them to the list.

Happy Innovating!

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