What are innovation platforms

Innovation platforms are “spaces” that enable individuals and organizations to come together to address issues of mutual concern and interest.

As companies realize that collaborative product development and R&D strategies open doors to innovation, which is the key to outperforming competitors, innovation platforms are increasingly gaining popularity in the enterprise world.


A brief history of innovation platforms

The basic idea of innovation platforms was developed by the Technology Strategy Board in 2005. It built on their desire to use a larger number of government “levers” to encourage and support innovative activity by UK companies. They realized that the various Government departments had programs to address the various societal problems and that those programs, made up of procurement, regulation, standards and fiscal measure, all controlled what a future market would be. If businesses could be made aware of how that particular market would evolve over the next 3-7 years, they could develop new products and services to answer the challenge being addressed. (Source article can be found here.)


Advantages of innovation platforms

  • Facilitates dialogue between all stakeholders and provides a place for them to state their needs and requirements.
  • Enables companies and employees identify company goals that are easy/difficult for them to achieve.
  • Helps companies understand customer needs in detail.
  • Helps predict future trends in the marketplace.


Using OneDesk as an innovation platform

innovation platform

  • OneDesk connects all stakeholders and facilitates dialogue between them. Through the customer portal, customers can interact with employees and business partners, and voice out their concerns.
  • OneDesk helps businesses track and achieve their company goals drive value to enterprise initiatives by making it easier to visualize which goals are well-connected to the product development.
  • If customer feedback is unclear, the company can ask the customer to elaborate by using the discussion forum and having a conversation with the customer.
  • OneDesk helps companies predict future market trends. Community discussions allow customers to discuss feedback amongst themselves. This enables companies to listen and capture ideas and understand what customers want. We are also excited to announce that new, more advanced features in this area will be available soon!


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