Many argue that the innovation process cannot be managed because innovation is supposed to be about creativity and cannot be predicted. Innovation is not only about being creative and inventive; innovation is a collaborative process where ideas are taken and managed through to value-adding market introduction.

In order to outperform competitors, companies need to implement a disciplined approach to generating better ideas in the workplace, which will drive business growth. One of the challenges of this is that it is not easy to identify the ideas and products which are worth developing. There are also many employees who have great ideas, but do not know how turn them into reality. The key to doing this is to implement an innovation process.

Implementing an innovation process the OneDesk way

There is no set “innovation process.” OneDesk makes it easy for companies to implement an innovation process. Here’s how:

1. Generate ideas
This is the part of the process that requires the most work. We can also call it the “feedback survey” or the “suggestion box” part. Innovative ideas usually stem from a goal or a demand. Ask your employees, customers, and partners for ideas and start innovating.

How to do this with OneDesk:

  • Activate the customer portal and invite customers to submit feedback.
  • Invite employees and partners to collaborate with you in a Project and work on ideas.


2. Capture ideas
A company may need to go through thousands of ideas to come across an idea that will lead them to innovate and outperform their competitors. Therefore it is important to capture as many ideas as possible.

How to do this with OneDesk:

    Capture ideas through social media

  • Create polls for customers to vote on
  • Allow all parties to participate in discussions


3. Identify ideas to pursue and take them one step further
OneDesk helps you decide which ideas to implement based on what your company values. It also makes it easy to work on them.

How to do this with OneDesk:

  • Set company goals
  • Define requirements and analyze them


4. Work on the ideas
Once you decide which ideas are worth implementing, turn them into reality.

How to do this with OneDesk:

  • Create tasks
  • Assign tasks
  • Track projects from start to finish

We want to know: How have you implemented an innovation process within your company?

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