Innovations systems: the measure of getting metrics from the unmeasurable

When things get hard to measure against conventional metrics, boardrooms can lose patience, and projects making valuable inroads can meet with their maker still far short of their goals.

Innovation, finding that Eureka moment, is a process very hard to put on a chronological – nevermind financial – scale. Patience is a virtue, but innovations systems, effectively deployed, can help you to assuage the board from banging too loudly on the innovation lab’s door, delivering valuable metrics with which to justify the allocation of resources.

Innovations systems: innovation, deployed

Motivating a team which is constantly in search of brilliance involves keeping them keen, hungry and on track as they inevitably fail, again and again. The key is making sure they fail hard but, fail fast.

Breakthroughs arrive sporadically, but innovations systems and measurements showing your team what jobs or tasks they worked on can be a great way of keeping a core group happy, together and on track.

It can be hard to feel you’re making progress in the face of constant defeats – and yet your hardworking innovation lab is likely iterating faster and more adventurously than any other in your business. Using innovations systems to show a team their history does more than helping them learn from their mistakes – it shows them the amplitude of their progress.

Innovation found: OneDesk

OneDesk’s powerful innovations management features allows for the progress of one of your busiest departments to be integrated into the wider whole. Break down the silos and get everyone on the same page – try OneDesk today – for free!

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