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A quick quiz about an innovator:

Who is Tim Burners Lee?

What is an innovator?

Wikiepedia defines this term as “a person or an organization who is one of the first to do something and often opens up a new area for others and achieves an innovation.”

When you hear the word “innovator,” what, or who do you picture?

Most people will most likely think of historical innovators. Thomas Edison who pioneered the lightbulb, the Wright brothers who got the first controlled flight working, Einstein, Newton and Ford are some names who always come up in discussions about innovation.

However, innovators have always existed. Whoever invented stone tools 2.6 million years ago was the greatest innovator of that era. Nowadays, most will also fail to recognize modern-day innovators. Getting back to my little quiz, Tim Burners Lee invented the World Wide Web. Talk about an innovator! Imagine where we would all be without the web.

It’s important to be a business innovator

InnovatorAnyone can be an innovator – a business one, that is. In the business world, to innovate does not mean to invent. Business innovation refers to the process of taking an existing concept, improving it, and producing something new and more efficient. According to Amitabh Shukla of, “It is not just the invention of a new idea that is important, but it is actually ‘bringing it to market,’ putting into practice and exploiting it in a manner that leads to new products, services or systems that add value or improve quality. It possibly involves technological transformation and management restructuring. Innovation also means exploiting new technology and employing out-of-the-box thinking to generate new value and to bring about significant changes in society.”

Be an innovator with OneDesk

At OneDesk, one of our goals is help you drive business innovation. Our software allows companies to connect and collaborate with customers and business partners no matter where they are, and provides for effective teamwork and idea management. Its requirements and product management tools structure the business and ease the product or service development process. OneDesk also provides social collaboration tools which companies can use to engage, listen and find out exactly what the market wants. Be an innovator in your business – try OneDesk for free today.

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