Integrate a Helpdesk with Twitter

Have you ever wanted to integrate a Helpdesk with Twitter 

We at OneDesk offer an all-in-one cloud based application that handles project management, product management and helpdesk or customer feedback.  This application offers a variety of possible integrations with various other applications and programs. Today, we will discuss how OneDesk can help you integrate a helpdesk with Twitter and  Facebook or other social media platforms.

 An integration between social media and your helpdesk can go a long way to help you better your relations with your customers and help your overall marketing efforts! Making social media an integral part of  your strategy can be a difficult task, but using it to make your services better connected and more efficient can only help you reach that goal.

Pre-requisites for this little tutorial :

  • Your OneDesk account (even the free trial works)
  • A company’s Twitter (or other social media) account
  • A Zapier account
  • Access the OneDesk app on Zapier (use this link to get access!)

What is Zapier:

Zapier is an online automation tool, it allows you to connect various apps over the web. 

The system works with “zaps” which are simple automations that take the for: if  event “A” occurs in platform A, then take action B in platform “B”. Easy!

These Zaps can be chained together, according to your needs, over multiple platforms to form simple automations.

OneDesk makes use of this system to connect with other applications and simplify your work.

What is OneDesk:

OneDesk is a cloud based application that offers an all-in-one suite combining Project Management, Product Management and Feedback Management.

This system means to reduce issues linked to poor integration between software applications, manual imput of data and the inevitable human error factor that plagues workplaces to this day.

It offers tools and features that help any business type workflows — be it agile or other — via things like navigational options, task timers, transformable items, email integrated threads and discussions, and various reporting options.

The goal of OneDesk is to structure your entire business workflow within one simple application that can handle any and all parts of the business process from development, to release, to feedback.


How to integrate a Helpdesk with Twitter using Zapier:

We’ve already gone over the way that the automations work in Zapier earlier, it’s time to see how you can go about doing that.

The creation process is pretty straightforward, simply choose your application in which you would like the trigger to take place (in our Case Twitter).

And also the application in which the action should take place (in this case OneDesk).

Once you’ve selected these applications you should pick the trigger and action you wish to see automated.

These are clearly listed on the site based on what application you have selected. After you have picked them, all you need to do is name the Zap and you’re all set!

onedesk zapier facebook twitter

In this instance you could create Zaps that would allow you to gather support tickets from your Twitter.

This would represent a formula like this one:

  • New mention of a specific hashtag or words in a tweet (trigger) leads to creation of a user story or ticket (action) in OneDesk.

This scenario would let you take in requests and help tickets directly from your twitter feed.

This could be further integrated within OneDesk so that all support tickets get automatically sent to your support team, or that the creation of a ticket warned the involved parties by email etc.

But you wouldn’t need Zapier for that, we offer this ourselves 😉

Other types of workflows could be:

  • Update items or create users in OneDesk for any like, follow, adding or mention on Twitter.

This means that you could easily create a comment on an item in OneDesk in response to a mention made on a specific feature on Twitter for example.

The possibilities are wide ranging and could be used for a lot of different scenarios that you might want out of your social media! Social media can serve more uses for your business if you find the right ways to integrate it with your business 🙂

More information:

Go to our website for more information on how to integrate a helpdesk with twitter, or search for the quick how-to guide on our help menu in the application. You could also book a demo with us!

Photo Credit: “Multiple Tweets Plain” / startbloggingonline / CC BY

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