Customer feedback software

The Importance of Proper Feedback Management

Customer feedback programs provide companies with valuable insight that can be used to better position products or services in the marketplace. Some companies are still not asking the customers who buy their products and services what they want and need, while many feedbackcompanies do not incorporate customer feedback into the product development process. What is the excuse for not having a customer feedback program? Several reasons could explain why some companies do not incorporate customer feedback into their product development and service improvement programs.Perhaps they do not realize that customer excellence is impossible to achieve without knowing or understanding what customers need. Have they forgotten that the end goal of collecting customer feedback regularly and proactively is to consistently exceed customer expectations? Maybe they are not aware that customer feedback programs can be used to create products or services that will ensure business success.

Webinar: Managing Customer & Internal Feedback in OneDesk

With all of the channels for product and company feedback available to customers these days, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. In this Webinar we’ll walk you through the OneDesk’s feedback management solution with some use cases that we’re sure you’ll relate to. We’ll also show you how to embed your own branded customer portal on your website and get customers engaged.

Click here to register now: Managing Customer & Internal Feedback in OneDesk: Application & Customer Portal

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