In honor of this holiday, we have rounded up a few project management goodies for all you hard-working, tireless apprentice and project managers out there.

1. The Tao of PM Our first selection and one of my favourite project management blogs. It`s a passage from a recent blog post entitled Doing Less is More, and I think it really encompasses the importance of project managers as silent leaders:

The Way:
When the project manager practices silence, the team remains focused. When the project manager does not impose rules, the team discovers its own goodness. When the project manager acts unselfishly, the team simply does what is to be done. Good leadership cod being more, for this is the way of the project manager.

2. PM PODCAST Close out your team meeting with an informative and motivational PM PODCAST. In her latest podcast, Elizabeth Harrin, author of a “A Girl’s Guide to Project Management” talks about her upcoming book about adopting and sustaining a customer-centric project management process across your organization. Check the podcast out here.

3. Project Management Books. Catch up on your project management reading. We know that all you project managers are busy people and it is days like today that remind us of all of your hard work. So go ahead, take a longer lunch or coffee break, and read a few chapters from a good project management book. Here are some that I highly recommend:

4. Some top PM sites Give back to the project management community: A good Seasoned Project manager is constantly sharpening and applying new theories, adopting new methodologies, setting the example and paving the way for future project management professionals. Career-improvement never comes without a fight or a struggle, so consider writing up a guest post about your battles stories and experiences and sharing it with the project management community. Here are a few sites to help inspire you:

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate international project management day, take some time out today to give yourself a tap on the back and acknowledge you and your teams hard work!


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