OneDesk helps businesses become more social

We are very excited to announce the release of OneDesk and the addition of several great new applications including:

Social Media Monitoring: Listen, engage and respond to your customers on the social web, such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs to discover what customers really want and what they are saying about your products and services. Find out more here.

Idea and Innovation Management: Capture, elaborate upon and manage insights from customers, business partners and employees. Take action by linking them to requirements and directly incorporating ideas into the product or service development process. Disover this application here.

Customer Service / Help Desk: Collect and manage customer service issues through various channels, such as, social media, email, your website, and more. Automate everyday workflows to facilitate the case management process. Explore these powerful new features now.

OneDesk aims to simplify the product and service development process so that you can:

• Reduce customer service costs, and response times
• Build stronger customer relationships through co-creative strategies
• Leverage untapped insight and knowledge from all stakeholders
• Increase team collaboration and create a culture of innovation across the organization
• Develop and bring to market more customer-centric products and services.

Visit our new website and tell us what you think! We value your feedback!

See what all the buzz is about. Try OneDesk for free now.

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