IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk Management

OneDesk’s integrated IT Helpdesk system enables you to capture all of your customer support requests from a multitude of different channels and manage them efficiently in one centralized place. Our IT help desk also enhances collaboration between business partners, employees and customers, providing them with the right tools to help them improve overall work performance and productivity.

Business Benefits:

Create a living knowledge-base of customer support inquiries.
Keeps customers in the loop with updates on the status of their requests .
Capture customer inquiries by email, live chat, help desk, customer portal or ticket forms.
Automate and streamline your customer service and help desk workflows with automatic ticket grooming, auto-replies, auto-assignment, and more.
Link your customer support item to your projects and tasks, and take action.

OneDesk software is loaded with features for your IT Helpdesk:

  • Easy to use, easy to set up: Get started in minutes, and before you know it you are capturing new tickets, and creating projects.
  • Strong conversations capture and threading: Capture tickets automatically, capture responses on those tickets, notify agents and end-users of new messages – all without any special configuration
  • Apps for you customers too: Once embedded, a couple of clicks will turn on a self-service portal, a ticket tracking portal custom ticket forms, live chat and more. It’s up to you what services you want to offer.
  • The helpdesk and project software are one: Stop wasting time and money purchasing, integrating, learning, and switching between multiple different software apps to serve the same end-users. If you have a ticket to resolve or a project to complete, it can all be done in OneDesk.
  • Configuration options if you want to tweak things: If you use OneDesk out-of-the-box, we think you will be pretty happy. But if you want to change something, odds-are you can.
  • Simple, clear and fair pricing: Are other vendors giving you a headache trying to figure out which plan you need and what it costs? OneDesk’s pricing is simple: all features in all plans, you just choose based on the number of agents you have. That’s it!

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