In my last blog post, I wrote about how you can use OneDesk for IT Product Management. I’d like to elaborate on how OneDesk can be used to track and manage the IT product lifecycle.

Evidently, the IT product lifecycle process varies from company to company. OneDesk has created a flexible solution suite that can be customized to fit any organization’s needs.

In designing OneDesk, our IT team identified common pitfalls in IT product management, and built the appropriate solutions.

IT Product Lifecycle Management Problems and Solutions

Lack of a consistent and standardized process
Different team members do things in different ways, mostly due to the fact that they each have different tasks and use different methods of working on them. OneDesk allows organizations to enable consistency and implement a standardized IT product management process. Each department can work with the appropriate application in OneDesk; however, since all applications are connected, a single workflow is put in place, making it easy for It product managers to keep track of which stage the product is at, at all times.

Cross-departmental/team collaboration
More and more companies are working with dispersed teams; OneDesk’s layer of social collaboration tools allow for two-way communication between employees, customers and business partners, no matter where they are.

IT asset and budget tracking
It’s always best to be able to predict whether your IT assets are off-target, or whether your product costs will be over budget early-on. OneDesk’s comprehensive cost-analysis and buget tracking tools allow you to do just that.

Managing the testing and bug reporting process
OneDesk’s defect tracking and management tool allows users to create, update, and resolve reported issues and defects. What’s unique about this application is that it is integrated with the project management application – this allows for full traceability and the ability to combine defect fixes with agile product development.

Keeping the entire team updated on the product’s lifecycle status at every stage
Each application in OneDesk come with default lifecycle statuses that automatically trigger the appropriate workflows, while keeping the whole team updated. Learn more about this in this blog post: Preset Project Status and Workflows in OneDesk

IT product lifecycle management
The ability to track issues and tasks together facilitates the IT product lifecycle management process.

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