Leads generation is changing

It’s the age of “Web 2.0” and traditional leads generation techniques are just not working anymore.
Telemarketing, direct mail, trade shows, print advertising and television commercials are losing the fight against social media, virtual events like webinars, SEO, blogging and other means of online marketing.

Given that 57% of Internet users search the web every day (that’s 88,000,000,000 Google searches per month), it makes sense that online leads generation is the way to go.

Online leads generation – some benefits

leads generation

Social media allows you to engage in two-way conversations. People tweet, Facebook and blog about what they are interested in, and what frustrates them. They also ask questions and search for answers within their online social communities. Listening to the social web is a good way for companies to find potential customers, and take a step further by engaging with them and turning them into customers.

Blogging helps with marketing, SEO and public relations. Studies prove that B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not. 2/3 of marketers say their company blog is “critical” or “important” to their business.

Beat competitors to leads. According to an MIT study done with InsideSales.com, 78% of sales that start with a web inquiry go to the company that responds first.

Easier to test new ideas and leads generation strategies. Thanks to the web, it’s easier and cheaper to try different leads generation techniques and find the ones that work best for your company. Most social media and online application are free or low-in-cost, and after some experimentation, you will have a better idea of which methods work best in terms of generating leads, which you can focus on turning into loyal customers.

Leads generation with OneDesk

OneDesk offers new ways to capture leads.

  • A social media monitoring tool that allows you to search the social web, tag comments as leads, and bring them into OneDesk.
  • A customer portal which customers or leads can use to send feedback and ideas to your OneDesk account. You can embed the portal in your website, or simply send customers a direct link.
  • OneDesk’s help desk application allows customers, or potential customers to communicate with your company using email addresses we provide to you. Their feedback and ideas will arrive in OneDesk. You can also forward any emails to these addresses to ensure that no leads are missed.


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