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A simple definition of lean production


“Lean production is about defining value as perceived by the customer, actual features and services that they expect.” – @LeanMan

According to wikipedia.org, lean production is a process aimed at eliminating resources or elements of the production process that do not directly contribute to the lean productioncreation of value for the end user, that is, the customer. Basically, lean is centered on the concept of organizations being able to “do more with less” and still deliver products and services that meet marketplace needs, faster than the competition. The central goal of lean production or lean manufacturing is to design and continuously improve production and service delivery processes so that profitability is improved, waste is reduced and value is created.

The basic principles that underlie lean production

Anchored in the notions of continuous quality improvement and team work, the five main principles, according to @LeanMan, on which lean production is based are:

1. Specify value as seen by the customer or end user of the product or service
2. Identify and create value streams by increasing involvement of stakeholders through teams
3. Make the value flow from raw materials to customer or end user
4. Focus on a ‘pull’ production process responsive to marketplace needs (not a ‘push’ method)
5. Strive for perfection with the implementation of ‘just-in-time’ and continuous quality improvement systems

Review of these principles highlights the truly customer-centric approach of lean production and product development. To create lean production systems and remain customer-centric, organizations ask: What features and services will the customer want? When do customers want the products/services? What price do they want to pay? What ideas and suggestions do they have to improve products and services? Given customer needs and expectations what elements of our production can we eliminate, improve so that waste is reduced and profitability increased? How can improvements be translated into increased value for the customer?

Lean production is an organization wide product development effort that involves the constant communication and collaboration of stakeholders inside and outside the organization, all working towards the end goal of creating customer value.

Lean production: Reaping the benefits

Organizations adopting a lean production method can expect to benefits as follows:
• Increased marketplace advantage and competitive edge
• Improved quality in products and services
• Lower production costs
• Reduced time-to-market
• Increased productivity throughout organization
• Increased engagement and commitment to excellence of all stakeholders

Implementing Lean Production: OneDesk can help

The goal in Lean Manufacturing is to deliver the value requested by the customers using the fewest possible resources.

OneDesk is your “all-in-one” solution for a more effective implementation of lean production across the organization and with customers. Applications such as customer feedback management, requirements management and project task management all tied in with a social collaboration layer, facilitates enterprise-wide collaboration and enables you to align your organization’s goals with the needs of the marketplace.

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