Did you know that you can link social media accounts to OneDesk? This allows you to interact with with customers and future customers via OneDesk’s social media monitoring tool.

When you link your Facebook or Twitter accounts to OneDesk and reply to Tweets or Facebook posts from OneDesk, your replies will show up on the same social media channel it was originally sent from.

To link a social media account to OneDesk



– Go to your user menu (1) – click on the drop-down arrow next to your name.

– Go to administration (2).

Note that you must be an administrator to access this section.

Once in the administration section:


– Go to organization profile (1).

– Under actions (2), select the type of social media account you wish to link.

A window will appear asking you to authorize the app and enter your login information. Once you provide the information, your account will be linked to OneDesk. You can now reply to social media comments via your OneDesk accounts.


Note that You can also link a social media account directly from a saved social media search by clicking on the link next to the reply field (1) and follow the instructions.

See it in action – watch this video: How to Link Your Social Media Accounts to OneDesk

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