Live chat, quick answers, happy OneDeskers

OneDesk is taking customer engagement to the next level. Our new live chat feature on the OneDesk website allows you to reach out and interact with us in real-time. Got a question? Need help? Looking for something specific on our website? Just want to say hello? 🙂 Simply click on the chat now tab located in the lower right hand side and Jacob (the guy behind the coffee mug), our wonderful Community Manager will be standing by to listen and respond to all your needs.

Helpful live chat tips

  • To minimize the chat window, click on the downwards arrow in the right hand side of the chat application
  • To end a chat session, click on the X.
  • This new live chat feature also allows you to optionally have a transcript of your conversation emailed to you for future referencing.
  • Jacob is available to help during regular working hours (9am-5pm EST). After this time, any of your messages or concerns can be sent via email to and he will respond as soon as possible.


Please tell us what you think about this new live chat feature on Facebook and Twitter or by posting a comment below.


Spread the word, make new connections, and happy chatting!


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