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Why you should look for platforms with a Mobile Application

In this day and age, a business needs to run with the times. And the times are fast. This means that when out shopping for good platforms for your business, you need to strongly consider getting an application with added mobile functionalities.

Well, that’s step one, it’s not like there aren’t a million out there that have apps bundled with their products. So, here’s three key points to remember when scouring the market for the next best work platform application.

3. Practical functions

It’s not just meant to make you feel hip and cool. These mobile applications should have a purpose. So don’t go getting something which adds nothing to your work routine.

An app offering only a glorified user manual, or a simple office-chat function is completely useless to you. Support is the company’s job, and you have a hundred ways of establishing in-office chatrooms that would make more sense.

Work platform applications should serve as an added tool for you and your colleagues. That means it should offer functions that the web application offers too and help cement your work routine throughout the day.

Your colleagues can run the app when working on tasks that don’t require them to be at their desk, add and create new items from a distance, etc.

Work shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something you care about. A good structure from a platform/app combo can do great things for efficiency.

2. Accessibility & connectivity

You’ve probably been introduced to a new program or software in the past and thought: I like my own way better. Well a mobile app can help with that.

New software can be confusing, and if you prefer to do things in your own way while you transition to a new platform, an added mobile application can offer a good teaser to test the waters. Have your colleagues run the app while they do their work. That way the can get accustomed to the important fields and the workings of the platform.

If training goes well, they’ll already be familiar with a lot of the applications functions before the final transition is made.

This coupled with a good overall connectivity to other functions of the web application or even a few more tools offered by that product (like a customer portal for example), you’ll have a connected suite ready to take on all the tasks you may have.

1. Responsiveness

If your business needs a helpdesk or support department this can be an invaluable asset. You could have the ability to track your support items, and respond to discussions with customers at any given time.

That is what dedicated customer support is. Today people can need help from your business from anywhere around the world, at any given time.

When working in customer support it’s not uncommon to form bonds with customers that recurringly need help, or to have complex cases stretch over long hours.

You should give your agents the option to help clients whenever they can find the time to do so. If the system is well designed they’ll still be able to log their time for their work outside office hours!

Mobile applications are not just flashy tech, they can fit nicely in your business and in the routines of your workers. Here at OneDesk we offer a web application, a mobile application and a customer portal application. All these features serve a role and are part of what makes our product great! Learn more how they all fit together for us here.

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