Customer Service Application

Customer Service Simplified

Simplify tour product support workflow with OneDesk’s customer service application.

Capture, manage and resolve product-related issues collaboratively with customers, in an efficient and timely manner. Engage with customers across various channels: email, the customer portal, social integrations, or through OneDesk’s fully integrated helpdesk application.

Benefits of the OneDesk Customer Service Application:

Seamless email integration means that your customers are notified of ticket updates and new agent replies with no effort on your side. They can respond directly by email and OneDesk captures the whole conversation right to the ticket.
A full history of all changes and conversations on the ticket ensures that you always know how each interactions was resolved.
Automate repeat actions. Set auto-responses to new tickets. Create rules to assign and classify tickets based on your own criteria. Create macros that allow you to apply bulk changes and responses on multiple selected tickets.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow you to guarantee response times, or reach for faster reply-times. Set the SLA policies, automatically assign tickets to them, and notify the support team before those policies are violated.
Discover customer conversations related to your products, industry, and competitors with social media integrations.
Engage with customers and identify valuable product-related issues.
Automate your customer service workflow to reduce response times and processing errors.
Community portal enables customers to submit feedback directly to your organization.
Capture, manage and centralize all of your support emails within OneDesk. Automatically create new customer records when emails are received.
Universal data-synch integrations are available for hundreds of 3rd party applications meaning that you can keep working with the software you use and simplify communication from your support team to the rest of your company.

We would love to show you how OneDesk can help your team improve your customer service and help simplify and organize your support workflow. Deliver stellar customer service today- try out the OneDesk customer service application.