OneDesk Use Cases

Some Features Pages:

  • Tools for Customer Feedback Management are growing in popularity, and the engagement tools need to integrate with the other tools.
  • User stories and Requirements Management can be full-time work unless the right tools are in place. Try OneDesk.
  • OneDesk has powerful Project Task Management features to help project managers organize work and get things done.
  • Tools for
    Requirements Management are deeply integrated into the product. Requirements are linked to the feedback that they originated from, and the tasks that are being worked on.
  • OneDesk is software for customer service, providing the tools to deliver excellent serice to your customers, automating a lot of the workflow.
  • Innovations Management is another business domain where OneDesk can be used. Use OneDesk to make sure that innovation is being captured from the entended enterprise.
  • When it comes to software for project and portfolio management, OneDesk truly shines. You can organize your portfolios into any structure, as many levels deep as required.
  • Issues management is often confused with project management. They have some overlap but they are actually quite different business processes and require different workflows.
  • OneDesk acts as a requirements-application allowing you to collect, elaborate, analyze and rank your requirements, to deliver truly market-driven products.
  • The best software for your it projects permits not just a list of to-do’s but also gives you the tools for long-term planning, costing, resource allocation and IT help desk.