Idea Management Software

Innovating requires input from everyone who is in contact with your your products and services: Your customers, your employees, and your business partners. A process and culture of continuous innovation requires the software to support it. At OneDesk suite, one of our main applications is our idea management software.

OneDesk has many features features to help you manage the innovation and ideas in your company no matter where they come from.

  • Capture customer opinions from many sources in one place: using email, your website, or from mobile
  • Easily deploy a customer portal to your website or Intranet with just a simple copy and paste. This optimized UI will allow customers to create new ideas, track them, discuss them and follow them to get notified of any updates.
  • Validate ideas and gauge their support in your community by publishing them to your website. Easily track the interest in an idea by evaluating the followers.
  • Discuss & vote on ideas with stakeholders, colleagues or customers. Make sure that you have a clear picture of what is being requested, and ask the questions of the people who will be using the new product or feature. Set expectations and build an audience for the time when your new innovation becomes available.
  • Generate requirements, features, or user stories in one click, move development forward fast. Once you’ve captures and elaborated on the idea, get moving fast by generating the requirements and tasks that will make these changes a reality. OneDesk let’s you do this with a single click and all downstream work is linked and tracked.

Idea management software helps capture the chaos, quickly sort the clutter and turn small-talk into big features. Collaborate widely, and develop with precision. Sort the shouts and rate the responses with easy and powerful idea management software. Jump from capturing feedback to creating requirements to allocating tasks in only a few clicks. Moving the process along is simple with OneDesk.

Try OneDesk’s Idea Management Software by signing up for a trial. If you need help getting started, we would be happy to give you a personal demo.