Innovations management

Innovative Innovations Management

Everyone has an opinion these days. Innovations management in OneDesk is designed to capture the chaos, quickly sort the clutter and turn small-talk into big features.

Collaborate widely, develop with precision: Welcome to the Unified Product Platform.

Great innovation happens when brilliant ideas are given an environment to flourish in. OneDesk’s innovations management features nurture and encourage a steady flow of ideas, and allow teams to quickly pick from the best with powerful collaboration tools.

Business benefits of innovations management:


Gather ideas from employees, customers and the social web with OneDesk’s powerful tools.
Idea voting and discussion tools allow the best suggestions to rise to the top.
Create polls for the customer community to get quick answers to queries.
Unified platform rolls information up between feedback, requirements and tasks.
Cloud software allows employees to enter ideas at anytime – not just from the office!
Unified innovations management, the whole team on the same page- no duplicated efforts.

Unified innovations management for a collaborative era – try OneDesk now, for free!