Issues Management

Issues Management the Agile Way

Every product manager knows that issues management can be challenging. The lack of a reliable issues management process can delay your releases and time-to-market.

OneDesk is your key to easy and visible issues management and tracking. Our issues management and tracking applications are tightly integrated with all the other apps in our unified product platform. Users can view all issues and tasks assigned them in a combined view. This makes it easy for companies to develop product releases that combine new development tasks with bug fixes, into a complete project.

Business benefits:

View all the work that is required for a release in a single view.
View product roadmaps that combine both new feature development with issue fixes.
Easily trace issues and tasks back to original feedback and requirements.
Get your products to market faster.
Reduce risk and costs.
Keep the whole team updated with lifecycle tracking features.

Simplify your product management process with OneDesk issues management and tracking applications. Try OneDesk now for free!