OneDesk’s Requirements Application

OneDesk’s Requirements Application

Collaboratively capture, prioritize, validate, trace and maintain product and service requirements with OneDesk’s powerful requirements application. This application consists of a module in the OneDesk suite and is designed for product managers to help them get a handle on their requirements.

The OneDesk platform allows requirements to be defined from support tickets, feedback and ideas in a single click. Simply select the relevant pieces of customer input and change their type: you can change the type into a feature, a user story or a requirement. The item will then be managed by your product management team.

OneDesk also provides strategic collaboration tools for making sure your team can work efficiently to manage and prioritize requirements. You can communicate directly with team members, partners and customers directly from the requirement item and centralize all conversations where they are needed.

The unified nature of the requirements application allows requirements to be easily turned into tasks and assigned to members of the deal, with data rolled seamlessly between stages, allowing full traceability at any point. A full change history allows you to track every change on the requirement as it evolves over time.

Business Benefits & Features:

Create requirements from feedback gathered from customers, employees or from email.
Collaborate to refine the right requirements with ideas voting, discussions and chat.
Analyze requirements against business goals, customer satisfaction, ROI, & popularity.
Assign requirements as tasks quickly and easily within the requirements application.
View any requirement’s history, see how it evolved over time, and track changes made.

Try OneDesk and start managing your requirements. Sign up for the free trial of OneDesk and take a look at how we can help out. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and ask questions. We will do our best to get you up and running quickly.