Software for Project Management

Software for Project Management: Engage & Execute

Managing a project shouldn’t be a project in itself!


OneDesk’s software for project management drives collaboration to get your team on the same page and execute your tasks, fast.


End-to-end software for project management provides an easy way to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Information is rolled up between every stage, facilitating full traceability from ideation right through to delivery. With OneDesk you’ll always know where your project is at, what to work on next – and why.


Benefits of using software for project management:


Track tasks and issues in a single view.
Facilitate collaboration between team members via chat, messaging and discussions.
Discuss by chatting and messaging from inside OneDesk’s software for project management.
Predict problems with powerful projection reports based on worklogs and timesheets.
Collaborative editing tools keeps users aware of what others are working on, in real-time.
Full traceability at every stage gives context to tasks and purpose to co-workers.
Cloud service allowing access from anywhere, any time.

Software for project management in a social era – try OneDesk now, for free!