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Why organizations need to manage customer feedback

manage customerIn order to derive the maximum benefit from customer feedback you need to have an effective process to solicit, collect and use valuable information to improve the way you do business. In-depth understanding of customer wants and needs requires you and your company to manage customer feedback and take quick and timely action. Managing customer feedback means that your people listen, capture, elaborate and take action on the suggestions, ideas, concerns and questions coming from your most critical source of market information—existing and potential customers. Feedback must be properly integrated and incorporated into the product and service development process.

Five ways to leverage and effectively manage customer feedback:

1. Identify and define your corporate strategy and goals: There is no use collecting feedback if you do not know how it is going to influence your bottom-line results. OneDesk helps you to align customer expectations with your company’s goals. This helps you identify what objectives are at stake, and how to use the data you collect to make business decisions.

2. Collaborate and share feedback with all stakeholders: Successful organizations create a culture of cooperation and collaboration to get the job done. This means sharing customer feedback with all stakeholders (employees, business partners, etc) in order to structure the work-related conversation and get everyone on the same page. OneDesk facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders by allowing you to quickly gain access to information and data in real-time and share your findings with everyone internal or external to your organization. Built-in social collaboration tools like discussions, chat and blog promote communication and participation and keep everyone in the loop.

4. Manage customer feedback by keeping data centralized in one system: It can be cumbersome to have several feedback systems in separate locations and this can often lead to unnecessary entry errors, duplicates, and an overall waste of valuable time and effort. With OneDesk, companies can capture, access and manage customer feedback in one central place.

5. Integrate and manage customer feedback continuously throughout the development process: To manage customer feedback effectively means staying on top of customer requests and keeping them updated on their status and progress. It also means fully integrating customer feedback into the process to affect real change and create results. With OneDesk you can optionally keep customers informed about the ongoing status of their issues and requests. You can also track, measure and monitor customer feedback continually throughout the development process.

OneDesk allows you to effectively manage customer feedback in one centralized place, collaborate with all stakeholders across your organization, obtain valuable insights related to customer needs, and align these customer expectations with your business goals.

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