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We are often asked about what makes OneDesk stand out. First and foremost, we want to let everyone know that our mission is to make jobs easier, and do so, we are always keeping up with the latest trends in enterprise software, and striving to improve OneDesk so that it helps businesses become stronger.

One of OneDesk ’s strong points is that it allows businesses to take feedback management to the next level. Let’s explain what exactly that means.

Enterprise feedback management: Replacing surveys

Feedback management is the collective term used to identify strategies that make creating and managing surveys more efficient. Businesses are increasingly starting to use the term enterprise feedback management to replace what they formerly called “surveys.” With surveys, companies collected feedback through in-person interviews, phone calls, or email surveys. These methods all potentially provide insight into customer preferences, attitudes, and opinions.

Unlike other methods of survey creation, enterprise feedback management involves the use of software that makes gathering information to improve customer satisfaction easier. Feedback management software allows businesses to collect customer feedback in a central location, and gather more accurate, complete understanding of customer preferences, motivations, and intentions. This helps strengthen all departments of a company.

OneDesk: Facilitates enterprise feedback management

What’s unique about OneDesk is that it allows companies to engage with customers and include them in the development process. This makes the feedback management process more interactive and provides a better customer experience. Companies are able to communicate with customers and gain in-depth understanding of their needs.

With OneDesk, the feedback management process is easier, because:

  • Customers can use OneDesk’s customer portal to submit feedback, ideas, support requests and questions.
  • Employees, partners and customers can collaborate and turn customer feedback into actionable items.
  • Customers, employees and partners can vote for the ideas they like. The best ideas rise to the top, making it easier for companies to decide which ones to implement.
  • Companies can hurdle product-decision roadblocks by polling customers.
  • Companies can optionally allow (or disallow) customers to track their feedback’s status.
  • Companies can collaborate one-on-one with a customer to clarify any details. The conversation can then be kept in one place, for future reference.
  • OneDesk facilitates the ideas management process. Customer suggestions can be classified and assigned to team members to be worked on.


Build a stronger business, tighten your relationships with all stakeholders, and improve your company’s feedback management today by trying OneDesk out for free.

feedback management

Managing feedback inside OneDesk.

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