We at OneDesk are committed to helping organizations work more efficiently. While we are always happy to give advice on how to do improve your business procedures with the help of technology, we are always quick to say that software is only one piece of the pie. Driving efficiency and productivity also depends on how you manage and lead your team.

We realize that the terms “management” and “leadership” often get mixed up with each other. Many believe leadership is simply management done more “carefully.” After much debate and research, we realize that while the processes go hand-in-hand, they are very different. Here is a quick breakdown of their differences.

Management vs. Leadership

Formal vs. Voluntary Authority
For managers, it is simply their title that gives them power over others. Leaders inspire people and gain authority because they appeal to their follows in some way.

Work Focused vs. People Focused
Managers are paid to manage their team, i.e, tell people what to do. Leaders have good people skills and lead by teaching and inspiring people. They never tell people what to do; rather they will often give credit to others and take the blame for any mishaps.

Giving Answers vs. Asking Questions
Managers often just give answers and specifically tell their team how to do something. Leaders allow their team to work on their own leadership skills. When their followers come to them for advice, they ask questions “How do you think we should handle this?” and they try to encourage them to get involved in the decision-making process.

Criticizing vs. Teaching Lessons
When things go wrong, managers are often the first to criticise their team and give them a lecture about never doing it again. This discourages people and makes them feel frustrated and underappreciated. Leaders recognize that mistakes happen, and encourage others to learn from their mistakes.

Results vs. Achievements
Managers managers to obtain results. Leaders lead because they want their team to achieve something.

What do you think distinguishes management from leadership? Share your thoughts with us!

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